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Practical Training Bootcamp

We have the most flexible Training Schedule taking between Three to Ten days of Computer Practical Training. The bootcamp covers Advanced Technological learning ensuring the learner gains the required expertise to face the job market.

Trained By Industry Professionals

It is our first priority to get Industry proffesionals with the right exposure to modern trends and technologies currently in the market. Therefore you are gurranteed access to the latest tech skills.

Connection with Top Employers

We strive to Connect the "Campers" with the relevant job opportunites in top technology institutions. These Include: Application Programming, Cyber Security and Research Institutions .

Little about us

"We are a Technology company with a mission to build and develop skills of our trainees through our 3 Stage Program. No matter which career, level of study or Educational background, your exposure to technological trends will greatly determine your success in the industry you are in.The aim of this Program is to enhance your Tech-Skills through a Practical hands-on training"

Our 3 Stage Program

  • 1. Training Bootcamp - This is meant to give you the Practical(Computer) skills of the particular course. The training is carried out by industry proffesionals who have the right exposure of Tech-Trends currently in the market. By the end of the training bootcamp you should at least have Advanced or Intermediate Skill on the particular course.
  • 2. e-Learning - We give you life-time access to material and resources to be used to enhance your skills, after the bootcamp.
  • 3. "Campers" Group - After completion of the Training Bootcamp, you are then added to the "Campers" groups. Here You get to interact with people in the same Career-Path as you and get guidance on how to enhance your Career and Tech-skills. In the case of Application Programming "Campers", you get step-by-step guidance on how to launch your first application and deploy it online.
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Flexible and Comprehensive Technological Training Programm

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